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India's digital economy has experienced significant growth, making it a major player globally. This growth is being driven by increased high-speed connectivity, resulting in a rise in smartphone penetration and data usage. However, to reach the next wave of users and transactors, it is crucial to identify untapped markets and overcome existing barriers to usage. WiFi at railway stations can play a pivotal role in spreading high-speed connectivity to these untapped markets, particularly in tier 2 and 3 regions to unlock the full potential of India's digital economy and promote economic growth.

Who We Are

NuRe Bharat Network (NBN) is a consortium consisting of 3i-Infotech, Yellow Inc, and FISST in partnership with RailTel.

Created to monetize the vast potential of the Indian Railways Network and its commuters through efficient WiFi at stations in a Free and Premium model, NBN aligns with the Digital India and Connected Bharat Story and offers accessibility and visibility to businesses across the nation.

What We Do

RailTel Corporation provides ICT services including broadband and VPN services, data center services, and telepresence and video conferencing services.

3i-Infotech provides IP-based software solutions, platforms, and services that enable organizations to transform their business processes.

Yellow Inc helps brands engage consumers through digital marketing, websites, mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, and CRM solutions.

FISST offers marketing solutions to increase online visibility, reach, and revenue.

The collaborative deal aims to enhance the digital experience for users, even as it monetizes WiFi footfalls in one of the world’s largest integrated public Wi-Fi networks through targeted advertising and extension of multimedia infotainment services for rail passengers.

WiFi On

NuRe Bharat Network aims to digitally connect all regions, including urban, semi-urban, and rural, through free captive WiFi solutions across the Indian Railway network, benefitting the world’s second-largest digital consumer base. The captive portal and mobile app will enable advertisers to connect with 1.8 million daily users across 6,108+ railway networks in the country by providing free WiFi services.
3i Infotech’s RailTel Super App will provide digital advertisers and marketers with a perfect platform to market mass, local, and hyper-local content or ads. The App will offer high-speed internet access, access to Indian Railways services, and value-added services such as infotainment, e-commerce, education, and premium content.

Bharat Shining

  • In the recent years, digital boom and increased access to the internet in India have unlocked opportunities for businesses to expand and experiment beyond geographies and reach out to a diverse community through hyper-personalization.  Today, the country is recognized as a digital powerhouse- ranking 2nd in global internet penetration with 692 million users, and projected to reach 900 million by 2025.
  • The country has the highest mobile data consumption in the world, with 25 million smartphones added quarterly.
  • Online shopping sales were USD 67 billion in 2021, is expected to reach USD 125 billion by 2025.
  • As per a joint report released in 2022 by IAMAI-Kantar, there are  351 million active internet users in rural India compared to 341 million in urban India.
  • Advancements in technology have revolutionized business operations, presenting opportunities in affordability, brand recognition, data accessibility, and reach.
  • The proliferation of digital adoption and mobile internet usage in Tier 2 cities in India has spurred the expansion of e-commerce, catering to a new consumer base that prefers local language content. This affordability of data and mobile recharge plans has been the driving force behind the surge in online customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
  • Additionally, e-commerce has become more inclusive with user-friendly apps and interfaces, support for Indian languages, voice-assisted navigation, and swift resolution of customer complaints.
  • The availability of diverse payment methods, in addition to cash on delivery, has further increased accessibility.
  • With 64% of India’s population living in rural areas, the potential for digital connectivity is immense. 75% of rural households have smartphones and 10% make online purchases.

NuRe Bharat Network for Advertising

Leveraging digital growth for profitability

The NuRe Bharat Network aims to capitalize on the advertising potential by connecting with the prepaid segments and giving visibility and business opportunities to small, medium, and tiny businesses across India’s vast and diverse regions, even as it monetizes the operations to deliver profitable outcomes.

Reach out to your customers with NuRe Bharat Network

  • Reach out to a diverse and connected audience.
  • Sponsor, incentivize, and generate a buzz around your brand.
  • Advertise across Platforms and formats.
  • Create Ads for all budgets and goals.
  • Build awareness, drive consideration, or call for action to drive results and ROI.

Monetize WiFi hotspots

Use multiple targeting options based on:

  • Location, Language, Gender, Age, Customizations, Conversations, Events, Followers/Subscribers

Boost revenue and business growth by engaging with customers through hyper segmentation, effective online marketing, social media, and promotions.

Messaging options

Incorporate ads into customer onboarding and develop focused campaigns utilizing venue, customer profiles, and seasonal factors.

Integrate with third-party advertisements

Consider Push ads / SMS marketing/ and promotions based on venues.

Venue branding

Engage with Social Media users by promoting events, promotions and offers.

Rural Internet Connectivity

Taking WiFi to the grassroot levels can go a long way in increasing digital literacy and enabling access to e-commerce and online services.

Customer Insights

Gain knowledge of customer profiles, web search trends, and venue traffic through intelligent analytics that respects user privacy. Utilize data-driven insights to enhance customer experience, optimize offerings, and increase sales and revenue. You can also connect millions of data signals to identify your customer interests.

NuRe Bharat Network for Users

High-speed connectivity can go a long way in enhancing user experience through delivery of a wide range of services-

Entertainment: Passengers can use WiFi to access entertainment, such as movies, TV shows, and music, making their wait more enjoyable and comfortable.

Productivity: Business travelers can use WiFi to stay connected with their work, enabling them to be more productive.

Information: Passengers can use WiFi to access real-time information about their journey, such as train schedules, delays, and route information.

Communication: Passengers can use WiFi to stay in touch with family and friends.

Convenience: Passengers can use WiFi to access online services, such as food delivery, e-commerce platforms or online banking.